First version: Microchip Studio project for MKRWiFi1010 (44 Mb)

This project is for Microchip Studio + Atmel-ICE + board MKRWiFi1010 (+ MKR ETH Shield).

This is the final version: MKRWiFi1010 (52 Mb)

More libraries are included: PWM, SD card reader, SPI, TIMER, Watchdog, WiFiNINA, WIRE (I2C)

In sketch.cpp there is a simple menu to check all the libraries.

Now I don't have time to write a tutorial, but if anyone has any doubts, they can ask on the Forum or write me.

WARNING ! Uploading this project on the board will erase the Bootloader, eventually can be restored with Arduino-IDE and Atmel-ICE.